Civic Education

The YouthLed Civic Education component aims to have an increase in knowledge, skills, disposition, and actions on civic rights, duties, and responsibilities among the Filipino youth through social and academic interventions.

The YouthLed Civic Education component aims to have an increase in knowledge, skills, disposition, and actions on civic rights, duties, and responsibilities among the Filipino youth. To achieve these, YouthLed shall use a two-pronged approach. YouthLed partners with the civil society, LGUs, CSOs, civic education and democracy coalitions through social interventions. It shall also pursue academic interventions through the conduct of curriculum and implementation assessment and review of civic education in the Philippines. The study shall be used to enhance and develop Civic Education curricula and programs from CSOs and the private sector to achieve the intended goal of this component.

Partner Organizations

Civic Education Activities

SiBiKa.PH is a web portal that provides online resources and modules for teaching civic education to Filipino students. This website hopes to inspire a new generation of Filipinos to become informed and active citizens of the Philippines, committed to promoting and preserving democracy, human rights, and our shared history.

Project Citizen

Project Citizen is an in-school and after school program licensed by the Center for Civic Education, a US-based organization, that provides a step-by-step opportunity for the youth to identify social/sectoral problems and create solutions through formal governance processes.

Democracy Talks

Democracy Talks is an online series of issue-based discussions that provides a platform for the youth to speak freely and openly about democracy and the issues that matter most to the youth. This aims to engage issue experts and academics to initiate discussions on the concept and importance of democracy among the youth. This was developed by YouthLed to help instill that the participation of the Filipino youth on social issues play a vital role in preserving the country’s democracy.

Research Activities

Civic Education

YouthLed and its partners shall create an extensive evidence-based research on the quality and content of civic education in the Philippines and provide recommendations and changes in the basic K-12 curricula including in-school, after-school, and out of school activities by academic and non-academic institutions.

Basic K-12 Curriculum

YouthLed and its partners shall be integrating enhancements on civic education subjects in junior and senior high school curricula as prescribed by the Department of Education (DepEd).

Alternative Curricula on Civic Education

YouthLed shall create modules, programs, and activities that aim to improve civic education among youth groups across different sectors in society.