Youth Coalitions

The YouthLed Youth Coalition component is designed to empower youth networks to participate in governance processes. In doing so, YouthLed, through its coalition organization members, will create formidable youth constituencies by creating networks of youth organizations around key sectoral issues.

Youth Coalitions

Youth Coalition aims to broaden its works to strengthen youth participation in democratic governance in the Philippines, particularly on contributing to achieving responsible, responsive, and empowered Youth Networks and Coalitions.  

Avenues and platforms for engagement are necessary to attract and sustain youth involvement in democratic governance. YouthLed, through Youth Coalition Component, will create formidable youth constituencies by creating networks of youth organizations around key sectoral issues, especially in rapidly urbanizing cities and BARMM. The activities under this component are designed to empower youth networks to participate in governance processes and continuously engage policymakers. In doing so, YouthLed aims to expand youth influence in democratic governance processes.

Partner Organizations


Kabilang Ka Sa 2022

Together with 800+ youth organizations nationwide, YouthLed is working in an inclusive, issue-based, and sustained campaign for the active participation of youth for the 2022 National and Local Elections.

Election Coalition Programs

In partnership with NGOs, CSOs, and private institutions, YouthLed aims to mobilize youth across the country to promote the importance of youth participation in the upcoming elections.

Podcast Series

Powered by Pumapodcast, this podcast series features conversations with historians, biographers, social scientists, journalists, and other resource speakers while digging into archives and historical documents, to tell the stories of leaders in Philippine history.

Voters’ Ed and Voters’ Registration

In partnership with different schools, communities, LGUs, and networks nationwide, YouthLed aims to encourage youth across the country to register to vote and empower them to make informed decisions when selecting candidates.