YouthLed Election Coalition

Voting is the hallmark of democratic participation. In the lead-up to the 2022 and 2025 national elections, YouthLed through Youth Coalition Component will work through large and diverse youth networks to design and implement issue-based voter registration and turnout campaigns that convey the importance of the youth vote. 

The Election Coalition Projects will be deployed in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao with focus on the importance of the youth vote and the impact of collective action on issues that the youth care about.

Meet the Election Coalition and their Programs

Bilang Kabataan

by the Ayala Young Leaders Alumni Association, Inc. (AYLAAI)

The Ayala Young Leaders Alumni Association, Inc. (AYLAAI) serves as a resource and support network for its 1,600+ members and other youth leaders in the Philippines as it continues the calling for servant leadership. 

Bilang Kabataan is a portmanteau of the significance of the Filipino youth by the critical mass of its number for the entire electoral procedure in the Philippines, that includes prior, during and post-elections activities. Bilang Kabataan will focus on eight key areas namely Cagayan Valley,  Bulacan, Nueva Ecija, Pampanga-Tarlac, Camarines Sur, Quezon & Laguna, Iloilo, and General Santos City.

This project aims to educate the first-time voters with a contextualized and a comprehensive Philippine electoral procedures and processes from registration to actual voting up to safeguarding of votes through voters education session, equip at least 16,000 unregistered young Filipinos nationwide with their right for suffrage by providing a proximate access to voters’ registration thru a voters registration caravan, and empower the registered voters to exercise their primordial right to vote for the upcoming Presidential elections through continuous dialogues on critical selection of candidates.

Follow Your Vote

By Edukasyon.PH is the largest edtech platform in the Philippines empowering millions of Gen Z students aged 13 to 24 to make self-aware education decisions that lead to a fulfilling career and life. 

Follow Your Vote seeks to engage students to register for the incoming 2022 elections and to educate them on their civic roles and responsibilities. This will be executed through Quests, a gamified multimedia learning experience with each module containing information on Voter’s Registration and Education. Students will learn about the power of their vote, how to influence their friends to join the movement, and lead them to register via iRehistro, COMELEC’s online voter registration form. The Voter’s Registration and Education Quest is a learning tool that can also be shared to schools and youth organizations, which can help broaden our reach in supporting the advocacy of youth civic engagement because it is not enough to simply register. Students should be made aware of their rights as a voter and how they can wield their vote for the issues they care about.

Simulan Natin 2022

By GoodGovPH

GoodGovPH is a youth-led, nonprofit organization that advocates good governance in the Philippines.GoodGovPH believes that upholding good governance is imperative in sustaining a just and humane Philippine society. It believes that good governance is for the welfare of the Filipino people.

Simulan Natin 2022 is a youth-led nationwide campaign that aims to enhance political participation of the youth, youth-led groups, and community-based organizations throughout the electoral cycles. Through awareness campaigns and capacity-building strategies, the campaign intends to mobilize the youth and equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills to further institutionalize the roles of the youth through formal mechanisms in the national and local elections, and ultim

Tatak Botante

By National Alliance of Youth Leaders Inc.

National Alliance of Youth Leaders Inc. (NAYL) is a non-stock, non-profit organization, non-sectarian, nationwide formation of young leaders of the Philippines uniting for reforms in education, voters’ education, climate justice, and other societal issues.

Tatak Botante is a voter education campaign that aims to transform every filipino voter to become MATALINO (smart), MATALAS (sharp), and MALAYA (liberated). It aspires to create a community of voters that empowers and encourages voters and envisions a nation that we deserve.

Kamara PH

By National Society of Parliamentarians (NSP)

The National Society of Parliamentarians is a non-profit, non-stock network of parliamentarians and policy advocates in the Philippines. Founded in 2017, it aims to enrich and develop parliamentary practice, legislative research, and policy advocacy in the country. NSP’s grand vision was to become the leading authority on parliamentary procedure in the Philippines and the premiere organization providing training on legislative work in the country. 

Kamara PH is NSP’s youth development program that seeks to enrich the knowledge and participation of young leaders and students in democratic processes at the national and local levels; to cultivate meaningful collaboration between young people and movers from other sectors in co-creating responsive and people-centered legislation and policies; and to develop strategies for and with stakeholders in effectively advancing their policy advocacies.

In line with the 2022 National and Local Elections, the program’s Advocacy Lab will be geared towards three aspects of voter’s empowerment: (a) registration; (b) education; and (c) policy advocacy. Beyond social media, the project hopes to build grassroots movements that will articulate the concerns of young people at the community and utilize their scarce resources and existing capacities in generating effective local campaigns towards meaningful voter’s empowerment.

Amplifying Youth Voters’ Registration

By Now You Know

Now You Know (NYK) is a developing online media platform that endeavors to bring into light relevant information on pressing issues in the Philippines. The establishment of NYK in late 2018 is a response to the rampant disinformation and misinformation being primarily spread through social media. NYK believes in the potential of social media not just as a means to connect and reconnect people from all walks of life, but also to serve as an avenue for fruitful and critical discourses about the societal issues that confront the majority of the Filipino people.

In collaboration with the YOUTHLED network partners, and parallel to the collective goal of getting more youth to register and vote for the first time, NYK, through its community presence on various media platform, aims to amplify the call for youth registration and its messaging in order to help achieve the desired outputs of the voter registration initiative.


By Philippine Leadership and Empowerment Alliance for Development Inc. (PH-LEAD)

The Philippine – Leadership and Empowerment Alliance for Development Inc. (PH – LEAD Inc.) is a youth-led non-profit organization working for youth empowerment, community development and active political engagement. PH-LEAD Inc. positions itself to be the prime mover of the countryside youth development in an effort to empower and develop the Filipino youth agenda in terms of good governance, results-based management, gender development and community empowerment. 

MARKA PH is a voters’ empowerment movement focus on voter’s registration and voter’s education initiatives based on three key pillars, namely: MMaalam (A voter needs to be informed of his/her rights and responsibilities as citizen); AAlisto (A voter needs to be critical to the issues and concerns of his/her community and country as a whole); RResponsable (A voter will exercise his/her right to vote based on his/her conscience and the socio-political realities of our country); KAKabataan (The youth is a major bulk of our voting population, the present and the future of the nation.)

The program aims to register 22,000 new voters for 2022 national elections through various components, which includes voters’ registration caravan, youth caucuses, and  voters’ empowerment sessions. Part of the program is to produce a comprehensive youth agenda report that will be forwarded to various stakeholders, which will serve as a basis for platform building and policy agenda.